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April 18, 2021

If you think the cannabis federal law that has been passed in Colorado is ridiculous or unfair you are certainly not alone. Many citizens of this country are upset about this new legislation and they feel that it goes against the rights of states to do what is necessary to protect their citizens. The voters in Colorado recently approved a measure to fully legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. While many people feel this is a good thing, there are still many who do not agree with this action and feel that it goes against the rights of individual freedom and the fourth amendment.

haze xxl auto Some feel it is a slippery slope toward total marijuana possession and drug abuse. It will not be surprising if it is legalized for recreational use all over this country. This is the slippery slope toward total slavery. If it becomes widely accepted by states around this country, criminals will not be put in jail for using marijuana. Instead, they will be able to freely come and go from their house and get high on the marijuana.

When it comes to kids, they will end up using marijuana even more because it is more accessible. Most teens are just now realizing that marijuana is bad for them and they are trying to avoid the trouble of using it. Hopefully, as more kids discover the dangers of weed, the fewer people will grow and consume it.

In some places you will see people growing cannabis plants outdoors without any protection. Some people believe this is absolutely insane that these growers are getting high while exposing themselves to the elements. Others believe that it is perfectly acceptable because there are small fields of cannabis being grown outdoors in some parts of America. Still, others say that this type of gardening does not belong indoors. Some feel that the cannabis federal law is written in such a way as to allow those who grow marijuana to freely get high on their own property without anybody having to notice.

Is it right to use this law to get away with criminal activity? That is a question many have asked themselves, but most just think that the law is the same everywhere. People grow plants outdoors, so why shouldn’t they grow marijuana in their homes as well? The fact is that you cannot grow marijuana in your own home without running afoul of drug laws. If you do grow it on your own property, however, you might be able to claim that you were growing it for personal use, rather than for trafficking.

Unfortunately, you may find that cannabis federal law is very different from state to state when it comes to laws about marijuana. It would be a good idea to do some research on your local laws before beginning any venture. You might end up finding that you need a special permit from a state that has more lenient marijuana laws.

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